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Planning Frames

Implementation of the LA river Master Plan requires champions to lead projects along various stretches of the river.

The Master Plan uses nine geographical frames to assist in project implementation. The project sites, ranging from extra-small to extra-large, along with regional and local connectivity opportunities illustrate how the reimagined river can take shape in the next 25 years.

This series of nine geographical frames assists in understanding where specific site opportunities are located in relation to municipal, hydraulic, and ecological zones. There is no single design solution that is applicable to all 51 miles of the LA River; therefore, it is critical to understand where a site is located in the larger context of the river as well as its local context. The frames allow river champions to take responsibility for specific sections of the Master Plan implementation and work together to bring them into reality.

The use of the frame is purposeful—it illustrates how the areas adjacent to a river reach are critical to understand in planning and implementing a connected and accessible river corridor. As projects are implemented along the river, the characteristics of each frame are a useful reference for designers. The Design Guidelines illustrate channel characteristics, landside ROW characteristics, notable features, and significant design considerations are examined for each frame. Detailed maps of each frame can be reviewed in detail in the following series of the project frames, or the Appendix Volume II: Technical Backup Document.

Planning Frames Ruler
Total Significant Project Sites
Projects from Previously Published Plans
Newly Proposed Project Sites


The nine frames are divided as follows:

LA County Map
LA River Planning Frames.
OLIN, 2020.
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