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Geophysical Conditions

In addition to land assets, underlying geophysical conditions also impact place-based opportunities. For example, groundwater recharge projects not only require available land, but also must be located above groundwater basins and areas with soils that readily accept water.

Groundwater Recharge
LA County Map
There are three main potable aquifers under the LA River.
Geosyntec, OLIN; Based on Groundwater Basin Boundaries, California Department of Water Resources, 2015.

The groundwater basins within the LA River watershed are some of our greatest assets when it comes to water supply

Desktop Analysis

Potential opportunity land assets identified within the LA River right-of-way or adjacent rights-of-way or parcels within one mile of the LA River were then assessed through a desktop analysis using the most recent imagery from Google Earth Pro and Google Street View, as well as online searches for parcel-related information. In some cases, additional on-site reconnaissance was used to evaluate parcels. A spreadsheet was used to track the status of each land asset, and sites observed to no longer be vacant or underutilized were removed. Out of 450 initial opportunity sites, 98 parcels were deemed most viable for future projects; adjacent parcels within this subset were combined to produce a final list of proposed project sites. Known brownfield and superfund sites were eliminated from the opportunity study, though parcels with a history of industrial use may require further evaluation to see if remediation is necessary.

Example of opportunity parcels and a potential project site that were determined through the desktop analysis.
OLIN, based on LA County Assessor Parcels Data, 2021.

Out of 450 opportunity parcels, 98 were selected and combined into potential project sites

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