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Frame 4: North Plain

North Plain Section

M, L, XL Sites

XS, S Sites

26th St West of Soto St (RM 19.43)
Soto St (RM 19.17) 1 Lower LA River Revitalization Plan
Bandini Blvd West (RM 18.99) 2 Lower LA River Revitalization Plan
Bandini Blvd, northeast of LA River (RM 18.85) 3 Lower LA River Revitalization Plan
Bandini Islands (RM 18.34)
Vernon Ave & Union Pacific Railroad (RM 18.33)
Downey Rd North (RM 18.18) 4 Lower LA River Revitalization Plan
Bandini Blvd, north of LA River (RM 18.01) 5 Lower LA River Revitalization Plan
Charter St & Santa Fe Railway (RM 17.88)
Bandini Blvd, west of Atlantic Interchange (RM 17.42)
District Blvd & Gifford Avenue (RM 17.19)
Atlantic (RM 16.62)
District (RM 16.55)
Casitas Ave & Randolph St (RM 15.32)
Southall Lane & River Dr (RM 14.75)
Florence Ave, east of Long Beach Fwy (RM 14.52) 6 Lower LA River Revitalization Plan
Florence (RM 14.52)

River Miles

14.1 – 19.5

Channel Width

415 ft.

Channel Slope


More about the North Plain frame

Channel Characteristics

The channel in this frame is a concrete leveed trapezoidal section that is approximately 415 feet wide at the southernmost end. It transitions to a concrete entrenched trapezoidal section and then to a concrete entrenched rectangular section at river mile 19 at the northern end, with a width of about 285 feet.

Landside Right-of-Way Characteristics

In this frame, industrial development and several adjacent rail lines limit the landside right-of-way to consistently less than 15 feet. In the northern portion of the frame, there is no landside right-of-way along the right bank. Right-of-way parcels in this frame are south, east, and west facing.

Notable Features

  • Dense industrial context
  • Pollution and soil contamination present from heavy industry
  • Utility rights-of-way and freight yards along both sides of the river
  • Maywood Riverfront Park from river mile 15.7 to 15.8 along the right bank

Significant Considerations

  • Soil contaminant and air pollution mitigation and treatment are especially important in post-industrial sites prevalent in this frame.
  • Utility right-of-way projects require further coordination with power companies, but also provide a significant amount of land for corridor connectivity.
  • Very high park needs and industrial land uses limit access to the LA River and healthy open space.
  • Access to the river is limited by the 710 Interstate so projects may need to consider how barriers to reaching the river can be navigated.
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