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To make the 51 miles of the river accessible and useful to the communities of LA County, reliable access to amenities, services, and destination uses should be established. The planning framework prescribes that these elements occur at regular intervals, a cadence.

The site selection methodology identified a total of 78 significant opportunity areas. Fifty-six of these are planned major projects derived from previously published plans. Twenty-two are newly proposed project sites based on the LA River Master Plan’s opportunity parcel analysis. Collectively, this suite of sites and projects will provide a foundation for the Master Plan’s implementation.

XS and S Sites
M, L, XL, Proposed in the LARMP
From Other Plans

In addition to the 78 sites and projects described above, the Master Plan has identified 208 smaller sites, designated as XS or S, for improvements that will help ensure the equitable distribution of facilities along the river and help to improve access and safety. Recommended projects for these sites range from pavilions to enhanced access points. One-hundred and twenty-three of these sites were informed by projects proposed in the Lower LA River Revitalization Plan, the LA River Revitalization Master Plan, and Metro’s LA River Path Project. Forty-two sites correspond to existing access points along the river that, due to location or condition, warrant improvements. The remaining 43 sites are newly proposed to close gaps. These establish an opportunity for river improvements every quarter mile, on average.

Proposed Project Sites and Planned Major Projects
LA County Map
The Master Plan identifies a total of 78 opportunity areas for future projects. Fifty-six are planned major projects, or projects that have originated from previously published plans. Twenty-two are newly proposed project sites.
OLIN, 2021.
Master Plan Ruler
Cadence of Sites and Impact along the LA River.
OLIN, 2019.

There are a total of 56 planned, 22 proposed, and 208 XS and S sites.

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