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Reduce flood risk and improve resiliency.

    The LA River did not always look like it does today. In the mid 1800s, the LA River was a braided stream that, during wet weather events, spread out over vast amounts of flat land. As agricultural diversions, transportation infrastructure, and…
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    Promote healthy, safe, clean water.

      The LA River is a water body with multiple beneficial uses, impairments, and regulated pollutants. While over 800 water quality improvement projects are planned, in development, or have been completed within the river’s watershed, additional efforts are needed to meet established…
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      Improve local water supply reliability.

        More than half of the region’s water supply is imported from the Colorado River, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, and the Eastern Sierras. In the Los Angeles Basin, 57% of water is imported, 34% comes from groundwater, and 9% is sourced…
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        Support healthy, connected ecosystems.

          The LA River watershed sits within one of the world’s most diverse Mediterranean biodiversity hotspots and along the Pacific Flyway. Due to urbanization, the region has the largest number of endangered and threatened species and species of special concern in…
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