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LA River Master Plan Data

Download GIS datasets created by the Consultant Team for the LA River Master Plan organized by theme below.

.zip People Experiencing Homelessness
.zip Concentration Point Channel Capacity
.zip Concentration Point Level of Protection Return Period
.zip Hydraulic Conductivity
.zip Hydraulic Design Reaches (Width, Material, and Shape)
.zip LA River Water Reclamation Plants
.zip TMDL Numeric Targets
.zip Water Quality Prioritization
.zip Depth to Groundwater
.zip Confined and Unconfined Aquifers
.zip ARBOR Reach Channel Capacity and Level of Protection
.zip LA County Soils Properties Used in SBPAT
.zip Temperature Differential
.zip Historical Ecologies of LA County
.zip Historical River Courses
.zip Historical Inundation Areas
.zip LA County Soil Properties Used in SBPAT
Master Plan
.zip LARMP Access Need
.zip LARMP Arts and Culture Need
.zip LARMP Ecosystem Need
.zip LARMP Engagement and Education Need
.zip LARMP Flood Risk Reduction Need
.zip LARMP Housing Affordability Need
.zip LARMP Parks Need
.zip LARMP Water Quality Need
.zip LARMP Water Supply Need
.zip Displacement Risk
.zip Known Projects Database
.zip LAR Right Of Way
.zip LA River Mile Points
.zip LA River Trail
.zip Major Project Zones
.zip Planning Frames
.zip Planning Overlays
.zip Projects and Sites (XS and S – M, L, and XL)
.zip Regional Connectivity Loops
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