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Promote public safety along the river.

    Community members named safety as the top reason they do not use the LA River. Improving the perception of safety means addressing physical and perceptual factors. Physical factors include having appropriately scaled railings and a path that is clear of…
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    Promote life safety along the river.

      A reimagined river is intended to draw more people to use the river corridor. With increased usage comes a responsibility to provide for the safety of those users through increased awareness, hazard mitigation, and emergency response.
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      Create 51 miles of connected open space along the river.

        The LA River has great potential to serve as the backbone of an open space network across LA County. This 51-mile backbone would be unique within the county, providing park space to underserved adjacent communities, offering a variety of experiences from…
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        Improve flood facility operations and maintenance.

          Dams, levees, channels, and other flood management projects, like all infrastructure, require proper operations and maintenance. Increased investment in operations and maintenance of LA River infrastructure can increase its effectiveness and lengthen its useful life, providing a greater return on…
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          Update and improve emergency preparedness.

            Although flood infrastructure is in place to protect life and property, flooding can still pose a threat to communities within the floodplain during an extreme storm event. These communities, which are protected from routine floods, must still be prepared. The…
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