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Action: Use environmentally responsible practices for operations and maintenance of the river channel and adjacent lands.

Healthy, connected urban ecosystems rely not just on large physical investments but on more regular operations and maintenance practices.

Environmentally friendly practices and products are widely available today. However, their application often differs from the use of their traditional counterparts, highlighting the need for additional training.

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

  • Train maintenance staff to work with native ecosystems and native plants.
  • Collaborate with local educational institutions to provide vocational training related to native ecosystem and native plant maintenance.
  • Ensure pest prevention, management and vector control is incorporated early in project development using integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies and coordinated with the Greater LA County Vector Control District.
  • Limit air pollution through the use of zero emission maintenance equipment.
  • Support water conservation strategies within the river right-of-way to balance water supply needs between municipalities, ecosystems, and recreation.
  • Conduct operations and maintenance in accordance with the Countywide Integrated Pest Management Program and its integrated vegetation management strategy.
  • Follow best management practices in sediment and vegetation management.
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