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Action: Increase plant species biodiversity, and focus on the use of local California native plants in and around the river corridor.

Individual plants do not exist in isolation. They exist within the context of other plant species, soils, microclimates, and wildlife, and each has a specific function within the larger ecosystem.

The more diversity within an ecosystem, the more robust and resilient it is to changes that affect any individual species. Local native plants are best adapted to local climate and soil conditions, though these conditions may change over time. The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project estimates that up to 95% of Southern California’s riparian ecosystems have been destroyed or degraded. Therefore, it is important to increase appropriate plant species along the river corridor.

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

Native Plant Community Pages Appendix Volume I.
The LA River Design Guidelines (Appendix Volume I) include native plant communities for projects along the LA River.
OLIN, 2019.
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