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Action: Encourage cities along the river to adopt sustainability strategies.

Adopting sustainability strategies that encourage the use of best practices in the construction, maintenance, and operation of public projects can decrease a city’s environmental footprint, reduce long-term costs, and improve the relationships between buildings and their surrounding environments.

In addition to realizing these benefits, sustainability certification (such as LEED or ENVISION), and even the pursuit of certification, can help to raise public awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

Volunteers participate in Friends of the Los Angeles River cleanup clearing built-up trash and debris from the Los Angeles river near Burbank.
Utilizing the river as an educational tool will allow younger and future generations to become good stewards of the environment.
Scott L, 2014. Source License: CC BY-SA 2.0.

Best Practice

Inclusion of native planting adjacent to and along the LA River will help facilitate habitat creation and increase biodiversity. The Dominguez Gap Wetlands, located at river mile 4.9, is a good existing example of this being done.
OLIN, 2019.
View along pathway of the Dominguez Gap Wetlands.
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