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Action: Ensure design excellence within and along the river corridor.

Excellence in design enhances function.

From the earliest stages of project development, it is important to consider how a project can be beautiful while addressing multiple needs of adjacent communities. Design excellence requires an attention to quality of built structures, the landscape, the way buildings and landscapes interact with each other, and how projects interface with the river and surrounding communities. Integrating artists and designers early in the process can help lead to design excellence. Elevating the quality of design along the LA River will also serve to elevate the level of design across LA County.

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LA River Master Plan Appendix Volume I: Design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines are organized into five main chapters, focusing on elements ranging from trails to environmental graphics to habitat to facilities. These guidelines will aid designers and engineers in the establishment of a 51-mile connected open space that is a well-organized, functional, and accessible environment reflecting the diverse and shared identities of LA County. To facilitate decision-making and ensure a standard for design, the guidelines present a unified, cohesive identity while promoting best practices and resiliency for the river corridor.

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