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Action: Increase public awareness of river water quality and watershed health.

There is a common misperception that the water in the LA River is always unclean in all locations.

While all rivers are subject to sporadic events where water quality dips below normal, the majority of water in the river during dry weather comes from the three water reclamation plants that treat it to a very high standard of quality. This water is typically clean enough for people to kayak in the soft-bottom parts of the river. Particularly in areas where polluted dry weather and wet weather runoff discharges into the LA River, water can become polluted. Education can help improve public awareness of safe and unsafe conditions and teach communities how to improve the quality of their runoff.

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

  • Develop a website to coordinate information, provide consistency in water quality reporting, and assist in educating other agencies, cities, and the general public on river issues such as water quality.
  • Post consistent and inclusive signage and communication about water quality on bridges, access points, and along the river, coordinating with LA County Public Works, the LA County Flood Control District, and other entities, when warranted.
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