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Action: Improve water quality and contribute to the attainment of water quality requirements to protect public and environmental health.

In addition to protecting public and environmental health, improved water quality in the LA River is important for the implementation of projects along the LA River corridor that seek to use water from within the channel.

Water diverted from the LA River could become another source in a portfolio of regional water sources. Diverted water could be used to enhance habitat, support recreation, or supply water for municipal and industrial uses. The quality of water in the LA River affects the ability for it to be used for these purposes.

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

  • Develop corridor-based water quality projects and programs, leading to implementation and operations and maintenance.
  • Support, encourage, and incentivize watershed water quality projects and program development, implementation, operations and maintenance, adaptive management, and planning refinements of the WMPs and EWMPs.
Photo of bio-infiltration swale along greenway trails.
Stormwater runoff is cleaned through various processes. Ed P. Reyes River Greenway, near river mile 23.8.
LA Sanitation, EP Reyes Greenway, 2017.
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