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Action: Coordinate water quality improvements with the Safe, Clean Water Program.

The Safe, Clean Water Program continues LA County’s tradition of protecting water quality within communities and providing new sources of water for current and future generations.

Modernizing the 100-year-old water system can better protect public health and the environment, and maximize a cleaner, locally controlled water supply. Starting in 2020, the Safe, Clean Water Program will provide up to $285 million annually for a broad range of water quality projects in LA County.

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

  • Follow prescriptive watershed planning along with adaptive management practices as detailed in the regional Watershed Management Programs and Enhanced Watershed Management Programs (WMPs and EWMPs).
  • Assist with establishing procedures for a credit program to assist property owners as identified in the Safe, Clean Water Program.
  • Provide technical and financial support for feasibility studies; water quality planning; resilience planning; real property acquisition for project development; pilot projects to test new technologies or methodologies focused on water quality, local water supply, and community investments; and retrofit programs.
A group of kayakers paddle down the LA River channel.
Promote water as a recreational resource.
Kristen Kopek, USACE, 2013.
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