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Action: Divert and treat stormwater and dry weather flows within the river channel for groundwater recharge, direct use as recycled water, and to supply water for parks and ecological areas.

Water diverted from the LA River could become another source in a portfolio of regional water sources.

Diverted water could be used to enhance habitat, support recreation, or supply water for municipal and industrial uses. Storing diverted water in basins through groundwater recharge is particularly attractive because the water does not have to be used immediately. It can be stored until a later time when it is most needed.

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

  • Implement direct diversion and treatment projects for recharge in the Central Basin and the San Fernando Basin.
  • Implement direct diversion and treatment projects for use as recycled water where cost effective.
  • Consider direct diversions and treatment projects for use in river adjacent parks and ecological areas.
Aerial photo in Pacoima of spreading grounds for local water collection.
Large spreading grounds, like this one in Pacoima, significantly contribute to the region’s local water supply.
LA County Public Works, 2018.
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