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Action: Engage the Indigenous Peoples of the region to document and celebrate the importance of the indigenous cultures of the LA River, past and present.

Nations of native peoples have lived in the LA River region for millennia, making their history, traditions, and practices critical to painting a full picture of the river.

There is still much to learn about and document from present-day Tribal communities, including historical interactions and future visions regarding the importance of physical access to the river, choice of language in narratives surrounding the river, and traditional approaches to managing and adapting to flooding.

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

  • Foster and expand an ongoing conversation and collaboration with local Tribal governments and local Native American communities about advancing the LA River Master Plan.
  • Streamline the permitting process for local Tribal governments to access traditional religious, cultural, and ceremonial spaces and materials along the LA River corridor.
  • Advance the creation of informal spaces for gatherings in consultation with Native American organizations.
  • Utilize place names from Native American languages in signage along the LA River, as recommended by the Tribe whose territory encompasses that section of the river.
  • Integrate Native American knowledge of native plants and wildlife.
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