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Action: Support persons experiencing homelessness along the river by coordinating outreach and by building new permanent supportive housing.

Permanent supportive housing is housing coupled with a range of supportive services, with no time limit as long as tenants meet certain basic obligations, such as paying rent.

LA County has a coordinated entry system that serves as a single point of entry to connect people with housing needs to a variety of housing providers. Continued coordination among the web of organizations that perform outreach or provide permanent supportive housing is paramount.

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

  • Identify sites for permanent supportive housing within one mile of the river.
  • Coordinate and support existing efforts to provide temporary and interim supportive housing until the implementation of permanent solutions.
  • Coordinate and support existing efforts of the County’s coordinated homeless outreach system and their work along the LA River.
  • Connect persons living in or near the river to the coordinated entry system for access to housing opportunities for which they are eligible.
  • Build on the platform provided through Measure H to support more local cities in developing proactive homeless support programs and policies.
Diagram showing the costs of permanent versus homelessness.
Permanent supportive housing is less expensive than homelessness.
LA Family Housing: Economic Roundtable, “Where We Sleep,” 2009.
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