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Action: Develop mapping and assessment planning tools to identify areas at risk for displacement around the LA River in order to prioritize affordable housing projects.

Understanding where along the river new projects might impact housing affordability starts with understanding what areas are at the greatest risk of displacement.

Using mapping and assessment planning tools to identify these areas, proactive steps can be taken in proportion to the size of a potential river project and its projected impact to mitigate adverse effects on housing affordability and the risk of displacement.

Geographic Boundaries

Potential Funding Sources

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specific, tangible ways to reach the goal

  • Develop and maintain a displacement risk map taking into account demographic, housing, market changes, and economic investments.
  • Require completion of a housing assessment for large river projects funded or supported by LA County in areas of high displacement risk to identify recommended anti-displacement strategies.

Affordability Housing Needs Assessment

Assessment tool may include:

  • Analysis of the potential impact of the proposed project on housing affordability and displacement.
  • Summary of existing affordable housing programs and projects serving the community including any existing affordable housing developments with affordability restrictions scheduled to expire.
  • Analysis of local barriers to approval of supportive housing in the surrounding community.
  • Summary of currently existing unsubsidized but affordable market rate rental housing in the area surrounding the project.
  • List of specific sites which could be appropriate for development of supportive housing for persons experiencing homelessness.

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