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System-Based Planned Major Project Spotlight

The Master Plan identifies 56 planned major projects along the river that are currently being led by various entities ranging from LA County to municipalities to state conservancies to NGOs.

The projects are each at a different level of development, and some are highlighted in the Master Plan as Planned Major Project Spotlights given their momentum and illustration of meeting community needs associated with the LA River Master Plan goals and needs mapping.

LA River Valley Bikeway and Greenway

The project will consist of nine segments that close gaps in the existing riverside trail system, directly addressing the high need for access improvements along this stretch of the LA River. River-adjacent communities from Canoga Park to Elysian Valley will be connected to one another by way of the project’s new class I bicycle path and pedestrian trail. For LA County more broadly, these facilities will significantly bolster regional active transportation networks.

LA River Valley Bikeway and Greenway
Map of West Valley of river miles 31-51 and project sites
The LA RIver Valley Bikeway and Greenway is a 12.8-mile project in the San Fernando Valley.
OLIN, 2019

The project will include wayfinding, interpretive elements, and site furnishings such as benches and water fountains. It will also integrate habitat areas and stormwater BMPs for stormwater capture and treatment.

Photo of water in river channel at greenway
The existing trail dips below street level at the Mason Ave undercrossing near river mile 49.8.
OLIN, 2019.
Valley bike trail along river channel with signage
An existing segment in the Valley between Tampa Ave and Corbin Ave includes a bi-directional bike path and interpretive signage near river mile 48.6.
City of Los Angeles.
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