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LA River Trail

Consistent access along the entire river is foundational to the vision of the reimagined river.

Projects are already underway to ensure a continuous pedestrian and bike trail along the river. As of 2020, the City of LA is working to secure funding to complete trails in the San Fernando Valley that will connect existing LA
River trails. Additionally, Metro is leading a study to close the gap through the downtown of the City of LA. When these projects are complete, the entire 51-mile trail will be connected. Metro’s LA River Trail Path Project is funded through Measure M. Future funding will be needed to complete the trails in the San Fernando Valley.

After the completion of the 51-mile river trail along one bank, further efforts to have continuous access along both sides of the river, though important, will take many more decades given the spatial restrictions along the right-of-way. When the river trail on each bank is disconnected by the river, bike and pedestrian crossings over the river are critical in creating continuous and equitable access.

Map: LA River Trail
LA County Map. Map of LA River Trail with highlighted gaps
Gaps should be closed to provide continuous trail and access points along the 51 miles of the LA River.
Based on City of LA, LA River Greenway, LA River Access and Points of Interest, 2018.

Trail Design

When possible, the river trail should be multiuse, accommodating bicycles, pedestrians, and equestrian users as it does currently along much of the Lower LA River. The LA River Master Plan Appendix Volume I: Design Guidelines outline requirements for access and mobility along the LA River.

Design Guidelines: Multiuse Trails
OLIN, 2020.

Existing Project Spotlight:
LA River Valley Bikeway and Greenway

The LA River Valley Bikeway and Greenway project, orchestrated by the City of LA Bureau of Engineering, will provide nearly 13 miles of new bike path and greenway facilities in the San Fernando Valley.

Map of West Valley of river miles 31-51 and project sites
The LA RIver Valley Bikeway and Greenway is a 12.8-mile project in the San Fernando Valley.
OLIN, 2019
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