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XS and S Pavilion Plans

XS and S pavilions serve LA River visitors as spaces of support, respite, and activity along the river’s trails.

XS pavilions include Shade (Tier I) and Rest (Tier II) Pavilions, which are largely exterior spaces with a development budget of less than $1 million. S pavilions are the larger Gathering Pavilions (Tier III) with significant indoor and outdoor programming and amenities that require a more substantial development budget of $1-10 million. Each pavilion sits within a distinct location, significantly affecting their design, scale, and orientation. The following plans are examples of how varying pavilions could be developed in relation to the LA River, taking into consideration its trails and adjacent vehicular network as well as the needs and constraints of its sites and adjacent neighborhoods.

Pavilions in Plan
Tier 1 plan rendering

Shade (Tier I) Pavilion

Tier 2 Pavilion in plan rendering

Rest (Tier II) Pavilion

Tier 3 Pavilion plan rendering option 1

Gathering (Tier III) Pavilion

Tier 3 Pavilion plan rendering option 2

Gathering (Tier III) Pavilion

The plans represent prototypical site conditions, such as limited and constricted available land, lack of neighborhood access, bifurcated elevations of the adjacent street and the LA River Trail, and proximity to surface overflow weirs, which compromise the river’s water quality with poor stormwater management. The resulting plans employ creative solutions, in which they may cantilever above the river, elongate spatial organizations, negotiate disjointed elevations, provide access to the LA River Trail, and improve stormwater management practices.

XS and S Pavilions supplement LA River amenities through unique solutions that negotiate diverse and complex site conditions

Every pavilion sited along the river requires a customized solution to its site constraints. Although these constraints initially pose as a challenge, they result in diversified pavilions. Instead of replicating three pavilion prototypes along the entire river’s length, each pavilion assumes its own character, shape, and presence. The unique identity of XS and S pavilions reflects the river and adjacent neighborhoods that shape them, instilling pride and ownership among their visitors.

All pavilions should have a finish floor elevation above the 1% storm level event, or be developed in such a way as to be resilient during flood events. The maintenance planning for the pavilions is critical.

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