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Tier II Rest Pavilion

One of the most critical common elements is the LA River pavilion.

The western end of the LA River flows through dense neighborhoods with limited park space and amenities. Many streets along the LA River in the San Fernando Valley drain directly into the LA River through an overflow weir at the end of the street. The intersection of Alabama Street and Bassett Street is an example of this common condition. This Tier II pavilion highlights this moment as it integrates best management practices for water quality into the architectural design of the pavilion.

Tier II
Tier 2 Pavilion rendering showing access and use of the pavilion and its amenities
A street terminating at the river's edge is a typical upper river condition in the San Fernando Valley. This design example captures and treats local stormwater flow before it enters the river while also providing access and amenities to the adjacent community.
OLIN, 2019.

Water from the street is spread into rain gardens before draining to the river. In large rain events, water can bypass the rain gardens and drain into the river. This pavilion would provide restrooms, shade, a space to rest, and other amenities like a drinking fountain. Native planting would further enhance the experience of the pavilion and connection to the LA River Trail.

A small grade separation provides a buffer between the bike path and the pavilion.
OLIN, 2019.
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