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Tier I Shade Pavilion

One of the most critical common elements is the LA River pavilion.

This design proposal for a Tier I pavilion is located in the City of Bell, where Southhall Lane currently meets River Drive at the LA River. There is currently no access at this point to the LA River Trail. Additionally, there is very little shade and no amenities along this stretch. A pavilion at this site can provide a drinking fountain, shade, and an opportunity for wayfinding and community expression. Shade can be provided by both canopy trees and built structures.

Tier I
Tier 1 Pavilion rendering showing access and use of the pavilion and its amenities
This example shows a typical lower river condition with a bike path on top of the levee and a tight, sloped landside area between a frontage street and the bike path. The proposed design creates a new gateway between the trail and adjacent community while providing essential basic amenities.
OLIN, 2019.

Access stairs and a ramp can be included to provide a way to get onto the levee. Improved native planting and an art wall can provide the opportunity to make this pavilion an asset for the community on the landside of the levee, while a place to rest and get water make this pavilion an asset for users of the LA River Trail that might be on a longer journey or commute.

Switchback ramps and stairs can provide access to the river trail when there is a significant elevation change, such where the rail is atop the river levee.
OLIN, 2019.
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