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Connectivity Corridor

Just north of the 91 Freeway, a larger connectivity greenway between Long Beach Boulevard and Orange Avenue was recommended as part of the Lower LA River Revitalization Plan (2017).

This opportunity site recommendation was expanded and further developed under this Master Plan as an example project. The proposal transforms a transmission right-of-way into a greenway across the LA River and the 710 Freeway linking communities in Paramount, Compton, and North Long Beach with a platform park and a pedestrian bridge. Additional opportunity parcels are utilized for park space on terra firma on both banks of the channel with space for a plant nursery, a public swimming pool, and habitat areas. The location of the platform over the LA River was determined based on its relationship to the 91 Freeway bridge downstream, and after confirming that this portion of the channel has capacity over the 1% Flood (100-year flood) capacity.

Compton-Paramount Connectivity Cooridor
This example design links the greenway across the LA River and the 710 Interstate with a platform park and a pedestrian bridge.
OLIN. 2020.
Dry Season at the Ferraro Fields Side Channel
The platform in this example design creates new connections across the LA River while offering users a unique elevated view.
OLIN, 2019.

The platform creates a new elevated park space with views up and down the river as well as to the distant San Gabriel Mountains. A moderate size platform allows for a mix of more active uses such as a tier III cafe pavilion, plaza, and a shade grove, in addition to more passive areas designated as upland habitat for the migrating birds. Inclined slopes and ramps connect the platform back down to adjacent terra firma, while a pedestrian bridge crosses over the 710 Interstate.

The section through the Connectivity Corridor shows how a new multi-use trail and greenway could connect across the LA River and 710 Freeway while stitching together a variety of program and habitat areas.
OLIN, 2019.
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