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Site-Based Project Examples

The following project examples are site-based, meaning that they emphasize localized conditions. Whether geophysical or community-oriented, these are the main drivers of design.

The projects approach their sites in diverse ways. Projects with large footprints or higher impact (M, L, XL) respond to broader local trends: Channel Rehabilitation at the Narrows addresses flood risks associated with in-channel vegetation, whereas the Connectivity Corridor rectifies an urban fabric that has been fragmented by the LA River channel and the 710 Interstate. On the other hand, pavilions (XS and S) are intended to increase equity by providing equal access to amenities distributed along the entire length of the river. For this reason, their design begins with a standard set of features but is then flexible, able to shift in form and position relative to the river, based on context. Each pavilion, like all site-based projects, is ultimately unique. River pavilions and project guidance are addressed in greater detail in Appendix Volume I: Design Guidelines.

Site-Based Project Examples
LA County Map
Site-Based Project Examples. A sampling of site-based projects reflect the broad range of existing conditions that future work along the LA River might address.
OLIN, 2019.
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