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Project Examples

Site-Based and System-Based Projects Use the Kit of Parts Typologies and Common Elements to Meet Needs

LA River Master Plan projects can be site-based or system-based. The project examples on the following pages use the kit of parts and the common elements to create site specific designs. All the designs are goal-driven, meaning that the needs mapping completed for the nine goals informs design priorities.

Several system proposals require many sites working together to address a need, such as strategies for affordable or permanent supportive housing, 1% flood risk reduction areas, and groundwater recharge.

All future projects would be required to go through a community engagement process during further project development as outlined in the actions and methods under the Engagement and Education goal. The examples shown here illustrate how projects could come together in the future, but the examples are not prescriptive proposals.

Projects within the LA River Master Plan are site-based and frequently also part of a larger network or system.
OLIN, 2019.
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