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Soft-Bottom Channel

The soft-bottom channel condition is characterized by segments of the channel with concrete walls and gravelly and often inundated soils at the base. This existing condition is found along areas of the river such as the Narrows. However, areas of the river with this condition currently do not meet flood management design capacity.

The soils in this condition allow for more riparian plant communities and greater vertical structure that provides habitat for species such as the belted kingfisher, western toad, and the Santa Ana sucker.

* The wildlife species listed in these examples are potential key indicator species and are not meant to be a comprehensive list, since wildlife is found in a variety of contexts given specific site conditions. * These profiles are not a substitute for good ecological design led by ecologists, landscape architects, and engineers. The use of biodiversity profiles while further engaging qualified ecologists and scientists in projects can help to add additional ecological data on a project-by-project basis.
OLIN, 2019.
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