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Operations and Maintenance

It is never too soon in project development to start thinking about operations and maintenance.

Capital improvements must be accompanied by a robust plan for long-term operations and maintenance to ensure successful river park open space, trails, habitat areas, flood risk reduction infrastructure, water quality BMPs, and environmental graphics and wayfinding. Planning for long-term success includes factoring in everyday maintenance and operations, as well as life cycle costs such as replacement costs. Project design components ranging from small river pavilions to large side channels or bridges are recommended in this plan.

To maximize use and promote public safety, a maintenance plan will help ensure projects are kept in good condition, maximizing ecological function while minimizing labor and material resource burdens. Each project should also be evaluated for its consumption of material and energy resources as well as their climate impact. Successful operations and maintenance requires intensive coordination between LA County, the USACE, municipalities, state conservancies, and other entities.


Design Guidelines O&M Requirements

The LA River Design Guidelines (Appendix Volume I) outline requirements that all new projects should meet in relation to long-term maintenance planning. Prior to final design approval, a project review of maintenance services and activities should determine the routine, seasonal, and lifecycle replacement needs for proposed project areas or facilities. For LA County Flood Control District Permit approval, every new project must prepare a 3-year extended monitoring and maintenance program for all improvements, including planting, pavilions, and site furnishings. The prepared plan needs to include agencies responsible for maintaining the project, a budget for maintenance, and a written statement of intention to perform and fund maintenance.

The design guidelines aid designers and engineers in the establishment of a 51-mile connected open space along the LA River

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