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Management Authorities

Supervisorial Authorities

The LA County Flood Control District operates and maintains approximately half of the LA River right-of-way presently; however, actions in the strategic direction of this plan recommend the consolidation of river right-of-way operations and maintenance, as well as permitting under the Flood Control District.

Currently, the US Army Corps of Engineers oversees permitting across the entire river for changes to the river channel and operates and maintains approximately half of the LA River ROW.

Working Agreements and Partnerships

Inter-agency collaboration is necessary to realize the goals, actions, and methods of this plan. Working agreements between entities, such as the Flood Control District, municipalities, Indigenous Tribes, and state conservancies, may be required to realize the most ambitious multi-benefit projects of the Master Plan.


Within the LA County Flood Control District and LA County Public Works, leaders work to implement projects and manage the flood infrastructure system.

Process to Initiate a Potential Project Along the LA River
  1. Before Project Proponent applies for a grant or any type of Flood Control District Permit, contact:
    • Los Angeles County Public Works
      Stormwater Planning Division
      Los Angeles River Watershed Manager
  2. Submit preliminary project information such as a project description, conceptual renderings, background, etc. This step allows for identification of potential project partners, alignment of project goals and objectives with ongoing efforts and planning documents, and identification of operation and maintenance requirements and responsibilities.
  3. Public Works can assist with permit application and fees and reaching out to other stakeholders.
  4. Project proponent will be required to present project concept at the River Cooperation Committee (RCC) or the Implementation Advisory Group (IAG), depending on geographic location.
    • The purpose of the presentations is to confirm the project scope is consistent with existing planning documents and regulatory requirements.
    • This process allows project proponents to become familiar with and address regulatory and permitting requirements early in the planning process.
Operations and Maintenance Responsibilities
LA County Map
Currently, the operations and maintenance of the LA River and its tributaries is shared by the LA County Flood Control District and the US Army Corps of Engineers.
LA County GIS Data Portal, City Boundaries and Annexations, 2016; LA City Communities and Planning Areas, 2014.
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