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How Can My Organization Help?

Plan Implementation

Look for actions, methods, or sites that your organization can assist with and contact the implementation lead to find out how your organization can contribute to future projects. For more information about implementation leads, see the action pages under each of the goals.

Common Ground

Find places where your organization’s mission aligns not only with elements of this plan but with the missions of other organizations. Elected and appointed officials are more likely to hear advocates who speak with one voice toward achieving a common purpose.

At the Youth Summit, high school students from various schools in LA County learned about many aspects of the LA River.
LA County Public Works, 2018.
Community members take advantage of the SELA Arts Festival, which took place at river mile 11.7, to experience the LA River in a new way.
OLIN, 2019.
High school students attending the Youth Summit event.
OLIN, 2018.
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