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How Can I Get Involved?

In the Community

Use the River!
Walk, bike, or paddle along the river with your family and friends. Attend a festival or performance. Go birdwatching or participate in a river-focused community science program. The best way to create momentum for improvements to the LA River is to increase awareness of and advocate for the river.

Talk to River Staff!
Operations and maintenance and safety staff are a direct connection to what is happening along the river. Alert them of any concerns you have and learn about new ways to get involved in your community.

From participating in a river clean up to working on public policy, there are a myriad of organizations that provide opportunities to take an active role in shaping the future of the LA River.

Prevent Contamination
Everyone can help keep the LA River clean. Be sure to report industrial runoff, illegal dumping, and clogged storm drains to your Storm Water Coordinator.To report illegal dumping, please contact 888-CleanLA,

Contact Your Elected Officials!
Elected officials along the LA River have the influence to promote the LA River and allocate funding to make it the reimagined river envisioned in this plan. Let them know this is a priority for you.

At Home

Reduce and Recycle Water
Install a rain barrel to reuse your rainwater for watering your plants. Plant a tree to absorb water. Using water wisely reduces the region’s dependence on imported water.

Prevent Contamination
Reduce contaminants that wash into the river. Dispose of trash, pick up pet waste, keep your car maintained to reduce leaks, and dispose of hazardous waste properly. Participate in LA River cleanups.

Use Native Plants
Reduce the amount of lawn in your yard and plant native vegetation to reduce watering and the use of fertilizers.

West Valley community meeting attendees learning about the LA River Master Plan process.
LA County Public Works, 2019.
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