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Advocacy Organizations

Just as community partnerships were essential to the engagement process, partnerships with advocacy organizations will play a key role in implementation.

Their involvement is necessary to realize the Master Plan’s goals across the diverse range of stakeholders and communities along the LA River. Advocacy organizations bring passionate and informed stakeholders to the table in addition to seasoned and effective leaders to engage who can champion the Master Plan’s objectives. These partnerships will inform public stewardship through the rich history, experience, and research base of each of these organizations within their respective areas of focus. Furthermore, relying on an abundant set of methods and tools ground-truthed by advocacy organizations based in the region will strengthen the efforts of the Master Plan.

Advocacy organizations include national organizations with broad missions that apply to the LA River, regional institutions, organizations that focus specifically on the LA River, and grassroots organizations that represent the interests of nearby residents. The full list of advocacy organizations can be found in Appendix Volume II: Technical Backup Document.

Sunset view over the SELA Arts Festival and LA River.
The sun sets over the SELA Arts Festival at river mile 11.7.
OLIN, 2019.

Arts and Culture
Art organizations work to enrich public space with environmental art and by commissioning new projects by artists and writers; promote inclusivity and reflect local culture; inspire civic discourse and deepen connections between people through art; and spark wonder and creativity.

Community and Education
Community and education organizations advocate for health, equity, and social justice; educate and train community members on social and environmental issues that affect their lives; and build inclusive social networks so that communities are informed, organized, and engaged.

Environmental organizations work to preserve and enhance habitat and open space; research and implement best management practices; promote sustainability and livability; and grow environmental stewardship.

Teenage girls exhibited photography exploring their relationship to the LA River through the Las Fotos Project.
OLIN, 2019.
Park ranger teaches stewardship practices of the LA River to attendees.
Learning about and becoming more familiar with the LA River can lead to a better sense of stewardship.
Geosyntec, 2019.
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