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Public Stewardship

The quickest way to achieve a reimagined river is to find common ground and work together to make resources go farther.

As an LA County plan, ultimate responsibility for shepherding implementation of the LA River Master Plan rests with county government. However, everyone must play a role in making the reimagined river a reality. LA County, other government agencies, organizations, advocates, and residents need to work together to achieve this vision.

Dozens of advocacy groups and organizations have passionate and informed members who work tirelessly and provide resources to improve the LA River. Their leaders, staff, and supporters will be integral to a reimagined river.

Residents have a role to play, too. From using less water at home to using the river more to volunteering to letting elected officials know that implementation of the LA River Master Plan is a priority, there are a myriad of opportunities to get involved.

Participants overlooking large-scale maps during discussion at a West Valley meeting.
Large-scale maps encouraged discussion among participants at a West Valley meeting on February 13, 2019.
LA County Public Works, 2019.

The reimagined river requires broad community support and everyone can play a role. Public stewardship and collaboration are needed to make the reimagined river a reality. Master plan documents succeed or fail based upon their political and public support, an  understanding of how to implement goals, and access to the capital needed to realize opportunity. Complexity grows with increasing participation across communities and across  jurisdictions, and champions are needed for each goal and in each geographic area to make the plan a reality.

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