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The Role of the County

Similar to the 1996 LA River Master Plan, the Plan will guide all LA County departments in decision making for LA River projects and facilities owned, operated, funded, permitted, and/or maintained by the County.

Other agencies and municipalities are encouraged to adopt the LA River Master Plan for their jurisdictions and communities and partner with LA County in making the reimagined river a reality.

The LA River Master Plan will help ensure a reimagined LA River by:

  • Establishing a comprehensive long-term vision for the river that is based on robust community engagement and data.
  • Utilizing a goal-based framework for policy and design.
  • Identifying goals, actions, and methods that will be undertaken by LA County along the LA River corridor and throughout the watershed to achieve the vision for the river.
  • Identifying strategic partnerships between LA County and other entities that will be needed to meet the full realization of the goals, actions, and methods.
  • Identifying how LA County can support other entities in meeting the goals, actions, and methods.
  • Promoting design excellence.
Supervisor Districts
LA County Map
LA County Supervisor Districts. The LA River flows through all five LA County Supervisor Districts.
We Draw the Lines CA, 2021

LA County Public Works shall establish an implementation team responsible for ongoing coordination after the completion of the Master Plan.

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