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Measurable Outcomes

The LA River Master Plan contributes to a robust tradition of planning for LA County. In the past decade, general and system-based plans for LA County have tackled topics including park access, climate change and sustainability, water quality and conservation, and equity in transformational ways, in some cases reversing over a century of planning strategies and focusing instead on environmental health, equity, and community investment.

Notable examples include the Los Angeles County 2035 General Plan (2015), the OurCounty Los Angeles Countywide Sustainability Plan (2019), the Enhanced Watershed Management Programs (2016), and the Regional Parks Needs Assessment (2016).

LA County planning efforts are interconnected and rely on interdepartmental collaboration and coordination of metrics for success.

The LA River Master Plan builds upon these planning efforts, adding strategies and context specific to the LA River while seeking to support the overall targets established in those plans. For example, the performance metrics outlined in the Sustainability Plan should be carried forward and maintained in the pursuit of the nine goals described in this Master Plan.

the master plan exists within a complex planning context. it can help to bridge the gap between plans of differing types and differing scales.

Funding sources such as those established by county measures W, H, A, and M further encourage the alignment of the Master Plan with the metrics outlined in other existing plans. Reserving tax dollars for stormwater management, affordable housing and services for persons experiencing homelessness, parks, and transportation infrastructure, respectively, these measures support cross-agency collaborations on multi-benefit projects aimed at uplifting communities and building countywide resilience. Further details on the relationship of the Master Plan to WHAM measures can be found in Funding Sources.

To learn more about additional plans that establish goals and metrics for LA county, see Appendix Volume II: Technical Backup Document.

Existing Performance Targets
Existing Performance Targets
OurCounty Los Angeles Countywide Sustainability Plan, 2019; Metro Vision 2028 Strategic Plan, 2018; LA County 2035 General Plan, 2015; and Enhanced Watershed Management Program (EWMP) for the Upper Los Angeles River Watershed , 2016.
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