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Virtual and Digital Engagement

Telephone Town Halls

Two telephone town halls were conducted to expand outreach to those who were unable to attend community meetings and are less likely to see digital ads, particularly older populations. Speakers and a moderator guided the discussion in English with prepared remarks and answered questions and comments from the audience. Polling questions were used to gauge audience priorities. One telephone town hall covered the southern portion of the river from Downtown LA to Long Beach, and one covered the north and west from Downtown LA to Canoga Park. Nearly 5,600 people participated, with over 500 participants on the line at any given time.

Participants on the line at one time
Total participants
Households called within a half mile of the river

90% of telephone town hall participants were over the age of 40


Prior to being an interactive version of the Master Plan, this website functioned as a digital archive for the master planning process, a bulletin board for upcoming meetings and events, and a portal to digital surveys. The website provided access to all public presentations, digital mapping, technical memos, research, and drafts of the Master Plan document.

Screenshot of previous Master Plan website with prompt to sign up to take the survey and/or receive more information.
The Master Plan website provided similar opportunities to provide input as those available at community meetings.
OLIN, 2018.

Digital Engagement

Social media posts, social media ads, and a monthly email communicated the breadth of river-related issues, the planning process, and engagement opportunities to a wide, diverse audience.

Digital Ad Impressions

River Stories

Stakeholders ranging in age and level of involvement with river-related advocacy were interviewed about their personal connections to the river. Videos of these interviews, called River Stories, were posted on the Master Plan website and screened at community meetings and events.

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