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Steering Committee Meetings

Eight Steering Committee meetings were held at LA County Public Works headquarters in Alhambra and were open to the public and promoted on the home page of the Master Plan website. Attendees included staff and volunteers from the organizations represented on the Steering Committee, staff from LA County’s other departments, and the general public. Steering Committee members represented a wide array of views and the final Master Plan represents a mix of viewpoints and priorities. Time was set aside at the end of each meeting for questions and comments from the public. Attendee comments ranged from specific topics presented at each meeting, such as wording for the goals to broader attitudes about the LA River–for example, its responsibility to improve ecology within the watershed. Comment cards were also available for written feedback and shared with all members and the technical team.

Steering Committee members sitting at the table for a meeting.
Steering Committee meetings provided a forum for the County to receive feedback from representatives from cities and organizations along the river throughout the planning process.
LA County Public Works, 2018.
The second annual SELA Arts Festival, located at river mile 10.7, used the LA River as a stage and backdrop for music, food, activities, and exhibits.
LA County Public Works, 2019.
Attendees of the SELA Arts Festival had an opportunity to fill out a paper version of the survey available on the Master Plan website.
LA County Public Works, 2018.
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