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Engagement Incorporation

During the public review period, Public Works received letters, emails, and web-based comments through the LA River Master Plan website, where English and Spanish versions of the plan were posted.

The Master Plan Team and Public Works reviewed and incorporated those comments summarized here.

A wide variety of comments were received from a broad range of stakeholders, including individuals, non-governmental organizations, and other government agencies regarding multiple needs and representing multiple interests. This broad range of feedback demonstrates the complexity of balancing priorities across the 51-mile LA River and the neighboring communities with very distinct and different needs.

Public Draft Comment Density by Location
Locations and densities for all public draft comments. Notes: Approximate location of each comment determined by geocoding the IP address of the device from which it was submitted, using for web comments. For other comments, location determined through commenter data or through desktop search for organization’s listed office address when organization was provided by commenter and address was listed online.
OLIN, 2021.

Overall, comments heavily focused on topics related to equity, including reducing displacement, providing jobs, promoting the ability for communities to thrive in place while creating parks, cleaning up pollution, enhancing ecosystems, establishing biodiverse native habitats, engaging local communities and specifically Indigenous Peoples, improving water quality, conserving more water for groundwater recharge especially as droughts worsen, and continuing to provide flood risk reduction.

Students participated in various workshops focused on different themes related to the LA River at the Youth Summit.
LA County Public Works, 2018.

Many comments shared concerns for the future and how specific projects may or may not be realized in their neighborhoods. The Master Plan does not propose prescriptive projects, so the fine-grained nature of some of the comments is important for future implementation even though some are not applicable directly to this system-scale plan. In many cases, different communities have different needs and desires and have requested the use of different components; therefore, including the range of technically feasible components within the over 50 components of the plan is important, including trails, access gateways, bridges, platforms, side channels, channel modifications, and opportunities for adjacent land.

Based on the public comment process and commitments within the LA River Master Plan, it is important that ongoing conversations with local communities continue as the Master Plan framework is used to establish specific projects in local neighborhoods in order to provide resources, celebrate the unique character of specific neighborhoods, and focus on specific needs.

As a result of the comment review, the Master Plan Team updated several notable aspects of the plan such as County-wide metrics, commitments to historically underserved communities, and remediation methods.

Individuals and Groups
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