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Engagement for the Public Draft

The public review and comment period for Master Plan Public Draft extended from January 13 through May 13, 2021. Engagement tools during this period spanned language and accessibility differences to gather community feedback. Due to COVID-19, there was an extra effort to expand beyond large in-person meetings towards more virtual outreach, text message campaigns, and printed hand-outs. These efforts directed outreach to residents geographically located along the LA River through hyper-local campaigns conducted in English and Spanish summarized here.

Attendees at Virtual Public Draft Meeting

Members of the Master Plan Team provided an overview of the Master Plan, a Program Environmental Impact Report update, and a walkthrough of the commenting process on the engagement website. One hour of public comments and questions followed.

Broadcasts of Press Conference

A press event on January 13, 2021, marked the release of the Master Plan Public Draft. Speakers included Chair Hilda L. Solis (First District), Supervisor Sheila Kuehl (Third District), Director Mark Pestrella (Public Works), Frank Gehry (Gehry Partners), and Laurie Olin (OLIN), with moderator Kerjon Lee (Public Works).

Geographically Located Text Messages

Residents in select precincts along the LA River received texts and posts on various social media platforms.

Ads in Hyper-Local Publications

Digital and print ads were placed in English and Spanish outlets for neighborhoods along the LA River.

Homes Canvassed

Trained canvassers succeeded in a literature drop that reached approximately 12,000 homes in neighborhoods with the lowest internet connectivity along the river.

Outreach material examples.
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